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Tim Sanders You Tube Series

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  • Author: Tim Sanders
  • Updated: 09/11/2008
  • Copyright: Tim Sanders

A collection of Illustrations that can be used in stewardship discussions, also Tim discusses in a two part series the difference between scracity thinking and Abundance thinking.

Interview with Tim Sanders

Overcoming Scarcity Thinking by Tim Sanders (Part 1) Tim Sanders talks about why scarcity thinking turns people into competitive animals, instead of cooperative team members.

Abundance VS Scarcity by Tim Sanders (Part 2) his is the second installment by Tim Sanders. The subject? How to overcome scarcity thinking in your life. Once you achieve this, and live in the Abundance mentality, success and happiness is sure to follow. Contains actionable advice.


The Christopher Wren Cathedral story by Tim Sanders
Here's a short story from a 2007 leadership conference. The point of it is how purpose drives motivation.

The Pizza Hut story Tim tells the story of how the president of Pizza Hut gave one of his Customers the gift of a story. This should challenge you to do more with your business life and the platform of work.

Sharing Good Ides  Synergy! How sharing ideas helps to grow your network and allows for more overall growth.

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