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The Simple Truth of Service: [Johnny the Bagger]

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  • Updated: 11/16/2008
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This beautiful video is an inspirational story about Johnny the bagger who has Downs Syndrome.  He discovers something he can do that will make a difference.  His give became transformative.

"Want a healthy bottom line?
Give your customers great service.
Want to know how?
Read this book!"
--Harvey Mackay,
"Author of Swim with the Sharks
Without Being Eaten Alive"
By Ken Blanchard and Barbara Glanz
Release Date: 2005
78 pages, illustrated
$14.95 (Call for Discounting)
The Simple Truths of Service is the unforgettable true story
about a young man with Down syndrome named Johnny.
One day after attending a customer service presentation on
making a difference and creating meaningful memories,
Johnny became very discouraged.
After all, I'm just a bagger, he thought. How can I do anything
special for my customers?
Then suddenly, Johnny had an incredible idea!
Learn how this young man's inspiring actions singlehandedly
changed the culture of his entire grocery store.
Inspired by Johnny, coworkers began to take notice and
started adding their own personal touch of service. It was
contagious! Not only did the customers love it, they started
recommending the store, coming back often, and bringing
their friends!
The Simple Truths of Service is all about creating memories,
building relationships, using creativity and caring for people.
Delightfully illustrated with color photos, this book is full of
simple yet powerful truths about what happens to customer
loyalty when people serve their clients from the heart.
Creative Ideas to Use This Book:

  • As a gift to all your employees to show them that
    EVERYONE can make a difference
  • As a holiday or year-end gift to all your customers or

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