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2001 Stewardship Brochure Normandale Lutheran Church, Edina, Minn.

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  • Author: Stewardship Committee, Normandale Lutheran Church, Edina, Minn.
  • Updated: 08/08/2008
  • Copyright: Normandale Lutheran Church
    Edina, MN

Theme: With Heart, Hands and Voices

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"You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul and with all your mind and You shall love your neighbor as yourself." Matthew 22:37

Dear Normandale Family,

The events of these past days and weeks have broken our hearts, caused us to fold our hands in prayer and lift our voices in song to God, who is a very present help in time of trouble. I am, now more than ever, asking you dear friends to dedicate yourselves to the ministry and mission of Jesus Christ through Normandale.

We have our own challenge, we have not been immune to the economic downturn in America, so I am asking you to consider gifts over and above your current pledge for us to achieve our 2001 budget goal.

My hope and joy is for 2002 and the prospect of everyone increasing their gift to meet the vision of a ministry that goes the second and third mile to serve God and our neighbor.

Permit me to be specific. We need everyone to consider their gift. We offer a challenge to increase your gift by $500 to $1000 for the year 2002. This averages about $3 per day over the next year.

Our ministries all need additional support and commitment. Read and respond with thanksgiving to the opportunities for ministry. This is a moment for each of us to ask: where can I serve Christ and His Church with my time and my God-given gifts?

All of this is a way of saying and singing "Now Thank we all Our God ... with hearts and hands and voices."

-Prepare your heart to respond with prayer.
-Open your hand to give with joy and thanksgiving.
-Lift up your voice in regular worship in praise of Jesus Christ.

I will see you in church on October 14, when we celebrate one great hour of sharing.

David Morris Holm, Senior Pastor

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Write your Law and Gospel on our hearts (Jeremiah 31:31-34).

  •  The fifteen year old confirmand who reads with a small girl at Normandale House as a part of our Reading Buddies event.

  •  The Stephen minister who listens to and prays with a man who has just lost his wife of 50 years.

  •  The young woman who recently wrote her pastor announcing her intention to prepare for the holy ministry.

  •  The three year old boy bouncing up and down with his balloon singing "Jesus loves me" on the first day of Sunday school.


Lord God bless everything we set our hands to this day.

  •  Three members of a healing care team surrounding the bed of a young woman dying of cancer, joining hands to sing "Beautiful Savior."

  •  A young pharmacist going half way around the world to serve the Dumki Clinic for three months.

  •  A young family seeing our ministry on the web and coming to a coffee to discover Normandale first hand.

  •  A man 90 years old coming to his pastor with the idea of providing pencils in the pews each week.


Be still and know -- hear the still small voice of God (Psalm 46).

  •  The one small voice lifted up at the prayer service on the evening of September 11, 2001, when our world had been shaken by terrorists.

  •  The voices of the Normanda1e Choir singing "When I the still Survey the Wondrous Cross."

  •  A man finding his voice and saying, "I have lived 50 years without meaning. I now know someone (Jesus Christ) worth living for."

  •  The tenth grade boy confirming his faith and telling the world, "I will serve Jesus Christ and love my neighbor each day."
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Giving with hearts, hands and voices -- how the church utilizes its gifts

(The Brochure has a circle graphic depicting the following information.)

11% Tools to Help
32% Normandale Ministries
15% Outreach to Others
19% Worship and Music
23% The House of the Lord

Normandale Ministries includes such items as children, youth, young adult and senior ministries; Stephen ministry; adult education; new member ministry; etc.

Outreach to Others includes Normandale House, Bangladesh Mission, CES & VEAP, Lutheran Social Services and church-wide ministries.

The House of the Lord includes all expenses related to the church building, its maintenance and financing.

Worship and Music includes all services, choirs, altar guild, etc.

Tools to Help includes supplies, insurance, etc.

Recent History

As with any of God's living things, the church must grow to prosper. Unfortunately in the recent past, many pledges have not grown. For example, last year nearly two-thirds of the pledges either stayed the same or went down compared with the previous year. In fact, since 1998 only one-half of the pledges have increased.

Please reflect on Pastor Holm's words in the opening letter and do what you can to increase your pledge this year.
Page Four

Reflect on what Normandale means to you, Consider how you see Normandale touching your life and how you observe it touching others, You may write your thoughts in the spaces below,

With Heart...

With Hands...

With Voices...

Your 2002 Pledge

Recent tragic events have moved most of us to re-examine our priorities and value those things that are truly important in our lives -- our faith, family, friends and community. During these challenging times, let's deepen our commitment to Normandale, its ministry and the role it plays in our life, the community and to all people. Your financial support for Normandale Lutheran is needed, and your gifts do make a difference in the lives of people we touch every day. Please give generously.

With hearts, hands and voices,

Your Stewardship Committee


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