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Letter to Those Outside Relay System Theme: Grow In The Gift of Giving

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  • Author: Stewardship Committee for Incarnation Lutheran Church, North Oaks, MN
  • Updated: 03/20/2008
  • Copyright: Incarnation Lutheran Church, North Oaks, MN
    Rev. Gary Anderson, Senior Pastor

Letter sent to members of the congregation who were unable to be contacted through a relaty system

Dear Friends in Christ,

When we are children we like to give gifts. While we all still enjoy receiving gifts, we also grow to discover the many joys and blessings from giving gifts.

This year's program is planned to help us discover some of the way being a giver is truly a gift! Our theme says it well: Growing in the Gift of Giving.

Most members are receiving their "Growing in the Gift of Giving" materials through a neighborhood relay system. However, because of your location
or because no one could be enlisted to serve as a Route Coordinator,
you were not able to be included on a route.

We are, therefore, mailing you the materials. Thank you for understanding this situation.

Please read through the attractive journal enclosed with this letter.
You are encouraged to write a reflection of your own on how you have been blessed, perhaps even how being a giver has been a blessing in return to you!

Some of these reflections will be shared with the congregation so you may leave it anonymous or put your name by it as you wish.

Each member is asked to make a written pledge for this coming year. It is the only way our congregation can plan its future and it gives us a personal plan for our giving.

Please return your journal with your 2002 pledge to the church by mailing it back in the return envelope provided or by leaving it in the church office no later than Sunday, November 25.

As leaders of our congregation in this stewardship program, we thank you for your gifts. May your giving be a blessing not only to Incarnation and many others but, in return, to you!

The Fall Stewardship Action Committee

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