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The Pleasure of Giving

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  • Author: Jeffrey Klug
  • Updated: 08/13/2010
  • Copyright: Time Magazine

The quote below is about a study which illustrated the pleasure that capuchin monkeys receive from giving.  

From Time Magazine
"Inside the Minds of Animals"
By Jeffrey Kluger
August 16, 2010, p. 42

A 2008 study by primatologist Frans deWaal and others at the Yerkes National Primate Research Center in Atlanta showed that when capuchin monkeys were offered a choice between two tokens--one that would buy two slices of apple and one that would buy one slice each for them and a partner monkey--they chose the generous option, provided that the partner was a relative or at least familiar.  The Yerkes team believes that part of the capuchins' behavior was due to a simple sense of pleasure they experience in giving, an idea consistent with studies of the human brain that reveal activity in the reward centers after subjects give to charity.

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