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The Quiltmaker's Journey, prequel to The Quiltmaker's Gift

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  • Author: Story by Jeff Brumbeau and Pictures by Gail de Marcken, Jeff Brumbeau is the author of many children's books and recipient of many awards including the Children's Book of the Year, Book Sense, 2000.
  • Updated: 11/29/2010
  • ISBN: 0439512190
  • Copyright: Orchard

The Quiltmaker's Journey is a tale of a courageous young girl, who has lived a sheltered life in a walled, wealthy town until one day when she decides to venture outside of the village walls. Outside the confines of her village, she encounters the realities poverty and finds herself moved by the needs of others as well as the love and compassion that these other people show both to her and to one another. Her life changes from one of empty complacency to abundant generosity. She finds happiness in using her gift of quilt making to share with those in need.

Key Quotes
-"It was not that she was selfish, but because she and all the children of the town had lived their lives in a world where poverty was unknown."

-"Because all the people of her town were rich, the girl thought the same was true for everyone in the world."

-"All along the way, she found that people she'd been afraid of were kind to her. She learned that it wasn't them, but living in need that was frightful."

-"They were happy to help her in any way. If they had little in their pantries, they gave what they could. If they had nothing, they gave from their hearts."

Reviews and Resources
-'The Quiltmaker's Journey is a beautiful children's book that seeks to bring awareness to societies of ignorant privilege by promoting generosity and stewardship as the qualities which define and sustain vibrant communities. This book challenges children and adults alike to consider one's own walls of privilege and prejudices against those less fortunate.'~Grace Duddy

-Description of the Book as well as 40 Reviews: Google Books: The Quiltmaker's Journey

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