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Because Nothing Looks Like God

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  • Author: Lawrence Kushner and Karen Kushner, illustrated by Dawn W. Majewski. Lawrence Kushner is a creative spiritual thinker and teacher. He has authored and co-authored over many articles and over 18 books.
  • Updated: 11/29/2010
  • ISBN: 158023092X
  • Copyright: Jewish Lights Publishing

This children's book explores three primary questions about God: Where is God? What does God look like? How does God make things happen? The first part of the book answers the question "Where is God?" by giving different concrete examples of where God is present, in the end saying "God is everywhere, if we only look. God is wherever we let God in". The second part of the book explores the question "What does God look like?" by discussing different analogous experiences that children may have where something is unseen but still present. Lastly, the third part of the book investigates "How does God make things happen?", in this suggestion the authors suggest that God intervenes in the world everyday through human hands, including the hands of the child reading the book.

Because Nothing Looks Like God
Review by Grace Duddy:
This book is a great stewardship tool for younger children. The last part of the book emphasizes how the people in a community care for one another as well as how God can use each person to do God's work on earth. This last section specifically asks the child what he/she can do for another person to share his/her gifts, talents and time.

This book can open up conversations with children concerning stewardship as the sharing of what we have, that includes everything not just our money. This more holistic way of talking about stewardship allows children to feel as if they are part of God's work and the community of faith right from the beginning, not just when they have monetary gifts.

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