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In God's Hands

Childrens Book  Childrens Book
  • Author: Lawrence Kushner and Gary Schmidt with illustrations by Matthew J. Baek. Lawrence Kushner is a creative spiritual thinker, teacher and author. Gary Schmidt is an author and teacher at Calvin College.
  • Updated: 11/29/2010
  • ISBN: 1580232248
  • Copyright: Jewish Lights Publishing

This charming children's book tells the story of two men: Jacob, a rich man, and David, a poor man, who find a miracle in an unexpected place. During synagogue one day Jacob finds himself instructed by God to bake twelve loaves of challah and set them before God. Jacob bakes the challah and leaves it in the synagogue. Shortly after David finds the challah and brings it home to feed his hungry family. Both men believe that God has performed a miracle. Jacob believes that God eats the challah, while David believes that God provides the challah. In the end, both find that God works in unexpected and miraculous ways through the hands of one's neighbor.

In God's Hands
Review by Grace Duddy:
This is a great resource to teach children how God performs miracles everyday through both our hands and the hands of our neighbors. This book teaches children that "your hands are God's hands" and opens up conversation with children about how God can use their possessions, gifts and talents to serve their neighbor.

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