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I Gave It All

Story  Story
  • Author: Source Unknown
  • Updated: 08/08/2008

A story is told about a church meeting where a very wealthy man rose to tell the rest of those present about his Christian Faith. "I'm a millionaire," he said, "and I attribute my wealth to the blessings of God in my life."

He went on to recall the turning point of his faith: As a young man he had just earned his first dollar, and he went to a church meeting that night. At that meeting, a missionary who discussed his work. At the time of the offering for the work of this missionary the wealthy man knew that he would either have to give it all to God or nothing at all.

So at that moment he decided to give all that he had to God. Looking back he knew that God had blessed that decision and had made him wealthy.

When he had finished there was an awed silence. As he moved to his seat and sat down a little old lady leaned over to him and said: "I dare you to do it again."

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