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Five Steps on a Joyful Journey

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  • Author: Rev. Timothy Thompson, Pastor, Atonement Lutheran Church, New Brighton, Minn.
  • Updated: 08/08/2008
  • Copyright: Tim Thompson

The theme remains the same each year -- to encourage a path of growth in faithfulness as a steward.

Each year our stewardship program is a little different, but the themes remain the same:

  • Managing what belongs to God for his purposes.
  • Giving as a response of joy and gratitude.
  • Stretching ourselves to grow into better stewards.

    The "Five Steps" described below are offered as a suggestion for charting a path of growth in your faithfulness as a steward.

    1 - The path begins when we make and state a plan for giving in the coming year.

    2 - Deciding to embrace "first-fruits" giving, which means setting aside a percentage of our income as the first thing we do, in order to secure our priority.

    3 - Set our sights on the biblical goal of tithing: giving 10% of our income for the work of the Church.

    4 - Sketch a plan for growing towards that goal of the tithe.

    5 - Stretch our hearts to find joyful ways to go beyond tithing into truly generous giving.

    Please give prayerful consideration both to your financial support for our ministries and to entering into the joyful journey at the step you feel the Lord is calling you to begin with.

    Our prayer is that you may know in full measure the joy of serving the Kingdom through your stewardship.

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