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Stewardship Theme: We Offer With Joy and Thanksgiving

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  • Author: Zion Lutheran Church, Stratford, WI
    Rev. Susan Eidahl, Pastor
  • Updated: 03/19/2008
  • Copyright: Rev. Susan Eidahl

A celebrations of hands in mission and ministry.  

Zion is a with over 500 baptized members and an average worship attendance of 186. Seventy eight percent of the adults are between 31 and 45 years of age.
There are many hands in mission and ministry at Zion. As a part of the stewardship emphasis this fall the thirty one different ministry groups were given a piece of tag board and were asked to portray their ministry. When completed these tag boards are being placed on the walls in the sanctuary. The ministry groups are depicting their work in pictures, words and drawings.

For three weeks a letter of encouragement has been mailed out to the congregation about responding to God's gifts given to everyone. The emphasis is on the need for the giver to give rather than to fill out the budget.

In addition, there are faith stewardship mission moments. The first one was from a member of the council who said; "I really knew nothing about stewardship until I got on the council. I though it was about putting money in the plate. But now is seeing that giving is part of mission of this congregation, community and the world. We are striving to be a mission driven church rather than money driven church.

Pastor Sue says that stewardship is part of every sermon she preaches. She lifts up to people the gifts we have received and what we can give back. Stewardship is about how we live out our faith in daily life. Her stewardship sermons in October will be more directly focus on giving through Zion.

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