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  • Author: Jerry Hoffman, a grandpa
  • Updated: 03/19/2008
  • Copyright: Jerry Hoffman

We see ourselves in the pestering of a 5-year-old who feels she doesn't have enough.

I was sitting in our car with our 5-year-old granddaughter, Katie, while my wife was making a quick run into the shopping mall. Our next stop was going to be at a toy store to purchase a toy for her brother.

She decided that she wanted wanted a toy as well. Immediately, she began to use a variety of strategies to obtain her goal. When she found out it wasn't going to work, she shifted from one tactic to another.

She made a straight-out request: "Grandpa, I want you to give me a toy!"

She used flattery: "Grandpa, I love you very much (flirting, inviting voice, batting her eyes). I would like for you to give me a toy."

She attempted to make me feel guilty: "Grandpa, if you don't give me a toy, I will get sick to my stomach. I will throw up. It will be all your fault."

She threatened: "Grandpa, if you don't give me a toy, I will get mad. I won't like you any more."

She pleaded: "Grandpa, please, please, please give me a toy."

After listening silently to this very human plea, I gave my final answer:
"Katie, it's not going to happen."

How much time and effort do we invest in figuring out ways to get more stuff for ourselves? I wonder if we hear God's silence as an answer to our prayers.

God gives what we need, but not all we want.

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