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Hand in Glove

Illustration  Illustration
  • Author: Herb Miller
  • Updated: 07/11/2008
  • Copyright: Copied with permission from Money Is/Isn't Everything by Herb Miller
    ښ Discipleship Resources, Nashville, TN

Hold up a glove.

The glove, by itself, does not pick up anything. It is limp, helpless.

Slide your hand into it.

The glove now has dexterity and power.

It has become a gifted, smart glove that can accomplish innumerable tasks.

Money is a glove through which the hand of human personality expresses itself.

The glove by itself is neither good nor bad.

The hand in the glove can take on either self-centered or self-giving characteristics.

It can either open to give or grasp in greed.

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