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Plain Talk About Churches and Money

Book Review  Book Review
  • Author: Dean Hoge, Patrick H. McNamara, Charles Zech
  • Updated: 12/17/2012
  • ISBN: 1-56699-185-4
  • Copyright: Alban Institute

Plain Talk is based on studies of giving and stewardship practices in 625 congregations.

First in a series, Plain Talk tackles resistance, fears and difficulties concerning money issues. Based on extensive research for their earlier book ("Money Matters," WJL, 1996), this volume offers insight and help on the key fiscal topics confronting church leaders and congregations today, including:

Why is the church so uneasy with the topic of money?

Is there a difference between stewardship and fund raising?

How can we motivate giving?

Should we invest church funds?

Church leaders at all levels, seminarians and adult educators will find this an important tool for understanding and engaging congregations in discussion.

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