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Money Is Everything

Book Review  Book Review
  • Author: Herb Miller
  • Updated: 12/18/2012
  • ISBN: 0-88177-132-5
  • Copyright: Discipleship Resources

Money Is Everything: What Jesus Said About the Spiritual Power of Money

The way we use, or misuse, money is a spiritual matter that affects both the quality of our lives and our relationship with God.

Written for laypersons, the chapters of this book include a mixture of biblical concepts, humor, illustrative stories, spiritual insights and reflection/discussion questions. Within each chapter, a key life question is presented, always bearing in mind the particular chapter's title. Through these title/question combinations, the text opens itself for understanding:

1. Money Matters -

"Will I try to achieve a quality life by focusing on money, or by focusing on God?"

2. The Bottom Line Comes from Above -

"Will I try to achieve financial security through money, or through prayer?"

3. Look Out for Number One -

"Will I try to achieve meaning, purpose and peace through managing my money well, or through doing God's will for my life?"

4. Money Can Become a Barrier to Wealth -

"Will I make money my highest goal in life, or will I make helping other people my highest goal?"

5. Money is a Rewarding Investment -

"Will I act as if God will reward me for unselfishly giving money to help other people, or will I act as if God does not care whether I help the less fortunate?"

6. The Heart of the Matter -

"Will I act as if the giving of money is all God expects, or will I act as if the attitude of my heart is of equal importance to the amount I give?"

All of these questions relate back to Miller's thesis that, "The way we think and act with regard to money is a spiritual matter that affects our relationship with God and the quality of our lives."

Because of the balanced and honest approach taken, this text is ideal for group use prior to the annual stewardship campaign, as well as for pastors preparing sermons on this topic.

I recommend that anyone interested buy this book and that it be given to all members of stewardship teams.

-- Reviewed by Jerry Hoffman

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