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Where the Heart Is

Happening  Happening
  • Author: Jerry Hoffman former interim Senior Pastor at St. Philip's Lutheran Church, Fridley, MN.
  • Updated: 06/23/2008
  • Copyright: Jerry Hoffman

Every week during the offetory, children place their offering in a glass globe.

A video tape of the children will prepare adults on how they too can joyfully place "Intention to Give" cards into a large heart during a processional offering.

As one of the pastors at Saint Philip's I have a front row seat at the worship services.  As such, I get to see first hand the best time of worship--a procession of a joyful offering!

That is when the little people come.  They are clinching in their fists--coins, bills and even checks.

They bound forward--skipping, running, hopping, jumping and walking.  Some are being carried.  They stop at the "globe" offering receptacle.  Opening their fists they drop, throw or carefully present their gifts to God.

Their faces express awe, wodner, timidity and absolute joy.

They want to give.  They need to give.  Their heart is in it.

I don't think the kids should have all the fun.

The good news is that at the worship services on November 16 and 17, Consecration Weekend, everyone can join the procession of joy.

Imagine seeing the joyful, glad people of St. Philip's happy faces coming down the aisle with their offerings and their "intention to give" cards clenched in their hands, palcing them before the altar as a grateful expression of worship.  Is it possible for adults to dance, skip, smile and maybe even trot as they process?  I think so.

I suggest you begin to rehearse now.  When at worship watch the children closely and learn from them how to best do it!  We hope to have a training video prespared so you can get a better idea on how to do it.  The kids will serve as the instructors!

The theme for the 2002 annual offering appeal is, "Where Your Heart Is."  The source of the theme is: "For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also."  Matthew 6:21

--Jerry Hoffman

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