Stewardship Resource [Rev. Dean Wigstrom] is pastor of Immanuel Lutheran, Silverton, Oregon.

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  • Author: Stewardship of Life Intentions for 2003
  • Updated: 06/23/2008
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This is a "Stewardship of life" committment sheet for the coming year at Immanuel Lutheran Church, Silverton, Oregon.

Immanuel Lutheran Church
My/Our Stewardship of Life intentions for 2003


Occupation __________________________________________________


Phone # _____________________________________________________

City/State/Zip Code____________________________________________      

Email _______________________________________________________

This Stewardship response form contains three sections: 1) Stewardship of Spiritual Gifts, 2) Stewardship of God given talents and time, and 3) Stewardship of financial blessings.  Please take time to prayerfully consider how you will respond with your stewardship intention for the coming year.  After you have completed the form place it in the enclosed envelope and bring it to the church for our "Commitment to the Future" time at the 110th Anniversary Service on November 10th.  If you cannot be present for the service please mail your response to the church office in the enclosed envelope by November 5th.  

Stewardship of Spiritual Gifts (check all you intend to do in 2003)

1. ___  Love others as God loves me in Christ
2. ___  Forgive as I have been and am forgiven in Christ
3. ___  Care for and help others as I hope God will care for and help me
4. ___  Pray for our congregation, the ELCA and whole Christian Church
5. ___  Be open to the leading of the Holy Spirit and Christ's presence each day
6. ___  Seek to share the good news of Jesus Christ so others may know the gift of eternal life which was shared with me

Stewardship of God given talents and time (circle all that God has given you abilities and time)

1. Serve in congregational leadership -- I would  be willing to be part of

a. Church Council
b. A Board of the Congregation  ( Trustees,  Education, Deacons, Preschool)
c. A Committee member ( Youth Committee, Worship Committee, Other ____)
d. A Task Force member ( Vacation Bible School, Youth Involvement, etc.)
e. A service group ( Narthex Neighbors, Care Team Ministry, Meals in Crisis, etc.)

2. Help with worship services

a. Usher
b. Reader
c. Altar Guild
d. Greeter                                    
e. Nursery attendant
f. Sound system operator

3. Help with music

a.  Choir member
b.  Special music for __________________________________
c.  Play an instrument _______________________________________

4. For grounds maintenance and facility upkeep I am willing to help (indicate your areas of interest ) ______________________,  ___________________, ___________________

5. Office assistance

a. Help during vacation times
b.   Computer input
c.   Publicity
d.  Short term receptionist help
e.  Calling for volunteers
f.  General office help: filing, etc.

6. Youth Work

a.  Serve as a Youth Group Advisor
b.  Provide transportation for youth events

7. Christian Education

a.   Teach Sunday School
b.   Assist with administration duties
c.   Help in the Preschool
d.   Teach Vacation Bible School
e.   Adult Bible Study leader

8. I am willing to serve as a...

a. Women's Circle leader
b. Special Events, Wedding or Reception Coordinator
c. Facility use coordinator
d. Person to provide food to a family in need

7.  In addition to what has been circled above I would be interested in...

Stewardship of financial blessings:

1.  It is my/our intention to give $ ____________  per ( please circle one)  week    month   quarter or  annually , for the current and benevolent ministry and mission of Christ at Immanuel in 2003

2.  I/we also am/are and will continue to support the ongoing Capital Fund project at Immanuel with $_______________ (per  week    month   quarter or annually) in 2003.

3.  I have already or am considering including the ELCA,  Oregon Synod and/or Immanuel in the legacy of my life through my will.   ( yes    or   no  )

(I understand that my above intentions may change due to unforeseen circumstances in my/our life or family.   I will make an effort to inform the financial secretary of any such changes in order to best help the trustees with the financial and budget process of my church.)

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