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  • Author: Dean Wigstrom is pastor of Immanuel Lutheran Church, Silverton, CO.
  • Updated: 06/23/2008
  • Copyright: Dean Wigstrom

This is a quiz that helps participants to evaluate how Christ is Lord in their lives.

Dean used it at worship as part of the sermon.  He had one of the Deacons share in the sermon how the quiz made her think again about relying on and trusting God.  A very important aspect of stewardship.

Dean hopes that the quiz will stir thinking and prayer in people about their stewardship of life and the treasures we receive from God, ie. grace, love, forgiveness,as well as the abundance of physical blessings we have.

The objectives is to encourage people to grow in their stewardship of life.

Although the results will not be known, it has stirred thinking.

Stewardship Quiz

We proclaim that Christ is Lord -- but what do we mean when we make that proclamation?   Below is a list that represents some aspects of our life.  Read through the list and honestly evaluate how thoroughly Christ is Lord for you in these areas.

Score each statement by using one of the following numbered answers to indicate your self-evaluation behind statements "A" through "J"

# 1            Christ is Lord of this aspect of my life and I try to always follow his and biblical teachings

# 2              I know what Christ teaches but I tend to follow my own thoughts and feelings

#3            I tend to ignore Christ's teaching  

I forgive others as I pray for God to forgive me  -             score __#____

I love others as God loves me and I love myself - score __#____

I am not anxious about life - score __#____

I am not anxious about what I have - score __#____

I trust that God does and will provide what I need and I live according to that trust  - score __#____

I make use of my God given talents and abilities well - score __#____

I approach my giving of time, talent and dollars from the perspective of God's Word - score __#____

I show as much grace toward others as I pray God will show toward me - score __#____

In relation to "judging others"   - score __#____

I practice or have tried tithing (giving of 10% of my income) - score __#____

As you look at the answers you have scored to these aspects of whole life stewardship, what areas appear to you as places for growth in understanding and action?

Together let us pray for the Holy Spirit's leading in the stewardship of our lives.

Pastor Dean

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