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The Whys and Hows of Money Leadership: A curriculum for those who want to work toward deeper understanding

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  • Author: Mark Vincent is the Lead Partner, Design for Ministry
  • Updated: 05/16/2014
  • Copyright: THE Evangelical Lutheran Church in America and the Alban Institute funded by Lilly Endowment Inc.

This Seven-Lesson Curriculum offers a new starting point, suggesting that neither method nor resource will make a difference until you begin with your own relationship and beliefs about money, connecting money with faith. The curriculum expands to include congregational economics, connecting the congregation's mission, vision and goals with funding. It provides sound principles for congregational money management.

Lesson 1:  Your life with money: telling your story
To know one's personal life story with money.
To connect personal experiences with money to one's spiritual journey.
To find greater freedom and confidence in money leadership.

Lesson 2:  Your life with money: preparing to lead
To be certain that one's finances are being well managed.
To be confident in one's estate plan.
To be assured that the management of one's financial assets are in accord with one's Christian commitment.
To increase confidence that one is prepared to direct a congregation's financial system.

Lesson 3:  Your beliefs about money
To acknowledge the connection between faith and one's life with money.
To re-establish understanding of good money theology.
To aid articulation of good money theology from the pulpit and other leadership settings.
 Lesson 4:  Money and faith: applications to households and congregations
To recognize the link between household and congregational uses of money.
To model household money stewardship through congregational use of money.

Lesson 5:  Congregational Economics
To connect a congregation's mission/vision/goals to its use of money.
To move beyond money pools in financial management to narrative spending.
To begin connecting a congregation's use of time with its use of money.

Lesson 6:  The Who and How of Money Leadership (Part 1)
To think through the personnel issues of congregational money management.
To develop agenda for constant stewardship cultivation.
To become introduced to places that provide resources.

Lesson 7:  The Who and How of Money Leadership (Part 2)
To assist those who must speak about money in leadership and preaching.
To provide perspective and tools for the offering and its connection to worship.

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