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Curing Affluenza

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  • Author: Dr. Tony Campolos, an ordained Baptist minister, creator, nurturer and supporter of programs for "at-risk" children and is a media commentator on religious, social and political matters.
  • Updated: 03/04/2008
  • Copyright: Produced By: United Methodist Communications

Video Series

#1  Abundant Life - 23 minutes
The abundant life: what is it?

2: Money - 23 minutes
Looks at Jesus' teaching about wealth.

3: Time - 23 minutes
Explores spending our time in keeping with our values.

#4: Stuff - 24 minutes
Looks at issues of how much can we keep.

#5 Support - 24 minutes
Tony Campolo offers help for changing our lifestyles.

#6: What To Do Come Monday - 24 minutes
Tony Campolo leads a discussion on what to do come Monday morning.

Pastor Todd Nelsen is the senior pastor at Our Savior's Lutheran Church, New Ulm, MN.  He reports that they used this series during the month of February for their Stewardship Education Series.  

In this series, Tony discusses Affluenza from a Biblical point of view-directly addressing the pressing issues Jesus raises about how we deal with our wealth.  

At Our Savior's we viewed the video and then engaged in a discussion of the video with the use of a discussion sheet I put together.  We had good crowds for this series and will most likely use it as a small group series in the fall.  

The video is produced by Ecu-films and is also supported by a web-site. Check your regional church resource center.  Some of it available.

One reaction we experienced was that we should view the entire series as a congregation.  I am not sure how we could do that but it does bring the importance of the issue to the forefront of our life together.

Todd has developed discussion questions to go along with this series.  Click on DISCUSSION QUESTIONS

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