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The Commitment

Story  Story
  • Author: Unknown
  • Updated: 04/08/2008

Story of wealthy man who wanted to break his promise to tithe.

Years ago a young man knelt with his pastor and prayed as he committed to God his tithe. His first week's pay was $10.00 and the tithe was $1.00.

As he grew older he became more prosperous and his tithe was $7.00 a week, then $10.00. He moved to another city and soon his tithe was $100 a week, then $200, then $500.

One day the younger man sent his old friend a wire, "Please come see me."

The pastor arrived at the man's house. They had a good time talking over old times.

Finally the man came to his point. "You remember that promise I made years ago to tithe. How can I get released?"

"Why would you want to get released," asked the pastor?

"It's like this," replied the man, "When I made the promise I only had  to give $1.00, but now it is $500. I can't afford to give away money like that."

The old pastor looked at his friend. "I am afraid we cannot get released from the promise, but there is something we can do. We can kneel and ask God to shrink your income so you can afford to give $1.00 again."

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