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Cure Affluenza become a tither!

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  • Author: Magnus S. Egge is a retired ELCA pastor who lives in Fallbrook, California.
  • Updated: 06/24/2008
  • Copyright: Magnus S. Egge

Pastor Egge sent the following comment after viewing information about the Compolo series on "Curing Affluenza."

I'm sure I'm not as clever, nor as dramatic as Tony Compolo, but I am 81 years old and have been blessed in the ministry for 51 years. My wife and I decided that we would take everything we owned and turn it over to Jesus.

From that point on we just saw ourselves as his managers. We wanted to be accountable to Christ for everything we received in this life. Yes, we felt the thrill of tithing and even double tithing when the need was great. We educated five children and we never were hungry or cold. We budgeted everything. We have traveled all over the world as much as we have wanted to.

We are not "rich" as the world counts riches, but neither do we feel like we are poor. We look back and remember many young couples we have counseled and whom we know have benefited from becoming faithful, grateful and happy stewards of their material wealth.

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