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  • Author: Rev. Don Hillerich. Don is a retired ELCA pastor who lives in Sarasota, Florida.  He currently is working for the Wittenberg University Development office.  Email:
  • Updated: 04/08/2008
  • Copyright: Donald J.Hillerich

This is an email letter in response to Gary Langness's newsletter article, My Story-Your Story. My Story-Your Story

My story begins when I was a youngster, hearing my father talk about the priest who came by to talk about supporting the church.  

I Vaguely remember what was said; but I do clearly recall my parents responded.

Later, in the fourth grade while attending a VCS in Tucson, Arizona I was asked to choose between a new shiny quarter or a pocket bible. I struggled with the question, but chose the bible and to my surprise, there was a silver dollar taped inside.  The preacher said, chose the bible throughout your life for it will give great rewards.  

Thus, take from it whatever you want.  

Then in my first parish, I made a lead visit for stewardship and asked a member to double his pledge from $7.00 a week to $15.00  (he was one of the largest givers but had given the same for four years.)  He immediately said Yes!  I thanked him and we had a prayer. Before leaving I asked Henry, why he had just increase his gift that had been the same for years....His reponse, "cause someone asked me"  

I left regreting that I had not asked for more!

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