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St. Philip's Letter Seeking Heritage Stories (Part 7 of 9)

Letter  Letter
  • Author: 45th Anniversary Committee
  • Updated: 08/22/2006
  • Copyright: St. Philip's Lutheran Church

The anniversary committee sent this letter to particular persons in the congregation who others knew had a powerful story to tell. In addition, it was made generally available during a worship service.

The letters were displayed during the celebration. They are now placed in a binder available to everyone.

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St. Philip's Miracle Anniversary Celebration: Celebrating a Heritage of Faith, Courage and Hope

March 20, 2003

Dear people of St. Philip's:

This May our congregation will celebrate its 45th anniversary. We have received a great heritage of faith from this congregation through the years. We are asking you to share some of your personal faith heritage by remembering experiences that you have had in your faith journey both before and during your time at St. Philip's. We will use your reminiscences as a part of our anniversary celebration this May. Choose one or more of the following questions that you could respond to:

1. Who is a person who influenced your faith? What did that person do?

2. What is an event that brought you closer to God?

3. Why did you choose to join St. Philip's? How long have you been a member?

4. How did your spiritual faith grow through worship, music, Sunday School, Bible study, special events or sermons at St. Philip's?

5. What anecdote can you tell about a fondly remembered time at St. Philip's?

6. What is your most meaningful worship service at St. Philip's?

7. What are some hopes and dreams you have for St. Philip's future?

These questions are simply guidelines to remembrances you might include in a brief story about your personal faith heritage.

If you are willing to share your story I we ask that you write it and turn it in to the church office or e-mail by April 20 (Easter Sunday).

If you would prefer to tell rather than write your story, you may phone Sandy in the church office (763-571-1500). She will pass your name on to someone who will contact you for an interview. Members' stories will be posted around the church building as a part of our anniversary celebration during May.

We also would appreciate your sharing any pictures or other memorabilia you have of St. Philip's events. Drop them off in the church office by April 20.

Thank you for being willing to share your faith heritage.

45th Anniversary Steering Committee

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