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St. Philip's Anniversary Offering Appeal Case (Part 2 of 9)

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  • Author: Stewardship Committee
  • Updated: 08/22/2006
  • Copyright: St. Philip's Lutheran Church

Facing a significant shortfall in contributions, leaders at St. Philip's Lutheran Church decided to combine a 45th anniversary celebration with a special giving campaign. The result was an outpouring of donations and a revitalized congregation.

Following is the letter church leaders used to communicate the need to members.

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St. Philip's Miracle Anniversary Celebration: Celebrating a Heritage of Faith, Courage and Hope

Anniversary offering appeal
$45,000 plus: Thanks to God
for a 45-year heritage of faith, courage and hope

On Sunday, May 18, in coordination with the celebration of the 45th anniversary of the congregation, there will be a special fund appeal for the express purpose of paying off some of the accumulated deficit and restoring vital funds for children, youth and benevolence ministries.

For 45 years, St. Philip's Lutheran Church has been an instrument God uses to bring faith, courage and hope to thousands of people. St. Philip's is grounded in a strong heritage from the past. St. Philip's has courage for the present and confidence that Christ is leading it into the future.

Opportunities to Make a Difference by Meeting These Needs

Needs to be met:

Amount: $2,000
Project: Mission trips
Recipients: Youth who can't afford entire trip on their own.
Benefit: Service to others opens youth to God's presence and changes lives.

Amount: $2,900
Project: Camp scholarships
Recipients: Camping experience for 10 kids who couldn't go otherwise.
Benefit: A Christian camp provides an atmosphere that connects kids with Christ.

Amount: $300
Project: Sports league
Recipients: Entry fees for youth participation on softball and basketball leagues.
Benefit: Sports teams provide opportunity for connections and teamwork.

Amount: $250
Project: Volunteer training and appreciation
Recipients: Volunteers are integral to do ministry with youth.
Benefit: Gain insight, develop skills and receive thanks.

Amount: $5,000
Project: Wellspring: Staff, marketing, resources, training, gift certificates for band members and volunteer driving ministry.
Recipients: Outreach to young adults, many without a church home and uncomfortable with traditional church.
Benefit: Participants enter a community where they can experience God through worship, fellowship and service.

Amount: $150
Project: Curriculum: Books, materials, resources
Recipients: K-12 youth
Benefit: Nurture, growing faith and hope.

Amount: $2,000
Project: Luther Seminary scholarship
Recipients: Members of St. Philip
Benefit: Help defray expenses for seminary education.

Amount: $2,000
Project: Lutheran Social Services of Minnesota
Recipients: Homeless youth ages 0-17
Benefit: On an average day in Minnesota, 3000+ youth are in shelters; 8,000+ are temporarily staying with friends and relatives; an unknown number are staying in cars, under bridges and in abandoned buildings.

Amount: $8,000
Project: Global Mission project

Amount: $35,000
Project: Reduce accumulated deficits
Recipients: St. Philip's congregation
Benefits: Reduce interest payments, restore line of credit and assure ability to make payroll.

Amount: $5,000
Project: Staff Hang-Out
Recipients: Youth after-school program for kids with no place else to go.
Benefits: Provides safe experience and more constructive use of time in a  church building with church people.

The goal is to receive at least $45,000 to meet these needs.  

What will it take?

1 gift of $45,000 = $45,000
10 gifts of $4,500 = $45,000
100 gifts of $450 = $45,000
10,000 gifts of $45 = $45,000
100,000 gifts of $.45 = $45,000

What shall I/we give as a grateful and gracious offering?

Gift possibilities:
$.45       All have the ability to throw in four dimes and a nickel!
$4.50     Everyone can donate the equivalent of a McDonald's meal!
$450      Most could give this amount!
$4,500   Some may well contribute this total!
$45,000  Will someone bestow that much?  


One couple in the congregation has already given an extra $45,000. They weren't even asked! They saw the need and they gave it. This gift was included in the budget passed by the congregation. It allowed for the restoration of some portions, including staff, which would have otherwise been eliminated.

What faith! What courage! What hope bestowed! A miracle has already happened! God is gracious.

Now the question is, by how much will the total gifts of the people of St. Philip's equal or surpass this generous gift?

On Sunday, May 18, gifts will be received. Remember the heritage of faith you have received. Take a month to pray about what God wants you to give. Bring or mail your gift on or before May 18.

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