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My Dad Taught Me

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  • Author: Dr. David Hoffman is Senior Pastor at St. Philip the Deacon Lutheran Church, Plymouth, MN.  Email:
  • Updated: 08/26/2003
  • Copyright: David Hoffman

My brother, David, is an outstanding stewardship leader.  He has a very  commendable record in helping people become generous.

I knew our parents were generous, but I didn't know how much they gave to church. He recently told a story about our dad, Harold Hoffman, who was a farmer near Storm Lake, Iowa.  

--Jerry Hoffman

One day when I was quite young, my dad said, "I want you to go to town with me."

We went to Storm Lake and entered a tall, imposing three story building.  It was a bank.

We were greeted by the bank president, Harry  Schaller.  Dad said, "Harry, I need $1,000 to get through the winter."  

They shook hands and Harry had $1000 deposited in dad's checking account.

We went home and immediately dad sat down at the kitchen table and wrote out a check for $100 to Trinity Lutheran Church in Alta.  

I was surprised.  "Dad, why are you doing that?  Don't we need the money?"

Dad replied, "Son, that's just the way your mom and I do things."

--Pastor David Hoffman

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