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God Owns It All

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  • Author: Beth Gilthvedt, OD. Her husband, Ron Gilthvedt is pastor of Our Savior Lutheran Church in Owatonna, MN.
  • Updated: 04/08/2008
  • Copyright: Beth Gilthvedt

Beth Gilthvedt writes about a patient who had "God Owns It All" on his personal checks.

God Owns It All

Several years ago I had a patient who had the line "God Owns It All" printed on his personal checks above his name and address. This patient was a member of a local non-denominational congregation. He told me about some of the mission activities he participated in, within and outside of his congregation, such as traveling to a homeless shelter to help families at Thanksgiving.  

His family had an adopted biracial son who needed glasses. It was through the examination of the child that I met the father and saw his personal check when he paid for the glasses.  

Unfortunately for me, the father, despite all his good ideas and works, was impatient and unhappy after his son's glasses broke twice from a manufacturer's defect. While we offered to extend the warranty on the child's eye wear and replace them at no charge, the father became angry and demanded a refund, which we gave him, and proceeded to go to another eye care provider. I have always regretted that I did not have further opportunity to get to know this person and discuss the top line on his checks.

I think that if I had the line "God Owns It All" printed at the top of my checks it might influence my thinking each time I wrote a check and therefore influence the management of the money represented by the checks. But I haven't remembered to have the statement printed on my checks when I have reordered them!

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