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Christmas Carol

Childrens Book  Childrens Book
  • Author: Stephen Krensky, Dean Morrissey (Illustrator), Charles Dickens
  • Updated: 12/19/2012
  • ISBN: 0064436063
  • Copyright: HarperTrophy (October 12, 2004)

Charles Dickens's A Christmas Carol
Reading level: Ages 9-12
Hardcover: 80 pages

Christmas Carol

Scrooge was a miser. His money was his life. Then, one Christmas Eve, Scrooge received a trio of visitors who showed him not only the true meaning of Christmas, but the true meaning of life as well.

Charles Dickens's A Christmas Carol is one of the most beloved Christmas stories in history and continues to captivate generation after generation. Carefully adapted by Stephen Krensky and elegantly illustrated by Dean Morrissey, this new edition will certainly become a classic in its own right.

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