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Gifts from Heaven ... Rivers of Light (6) Focused letters

Letter  Letter
  • Author: Paul M. Youngdahl is senior pastor at Mount Olivet Lutheran Church in Minneapolis.
  • Updated: 02/21/2008
  • Copyright: Mount Olivet Lutheran Church,
    5025 Knox Ave S,
    Minneapolis, MN 55419-1095

Focused letters are mailed in mid-August to lead contributors. These letters invite people to attend a breakfast or lunch with Pastor Youngdahl. At those gatherings, they are asked to encourage the congregation and staff by making an advance pledge.  

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Dear ________ :

"God's gifts are rivers of light" (James 1 :17).

Another marvelous camping season at Cathedral of the Pines Camp is nearly complete. It is a privilege for me to work with our young people and it is exciting to see God's love at work in their lives.

In preparation for a new church year, I ask for your continued support of our ministry and service by increasing your financial support to Mount Olivet Church in the year 2004. As a basis for your planning in proportion to how God is prospering you, here are the amounts you committed to your church for the past three years:

Amounts are listed for three categories: Current and benevolence,
Mount Olivet Retreat Center and community concern. If they contributed but did not pledge, this sentence and reference to their pledge amounts are omitted.

Please return the enclosed postcard telling me when you will join me at a stewardship breakfast or luncheon. As a leading Mount Olivet member, I urge you to also attend a stewardship dinner. Your presence at both a luncheon and a dinner is important to me.

As we live and share in joyful trust, please join me in this confident expression of praise:

    Shine, Jesus, shine, fill this land with the Father's glory;
    Blaze, spirit, blaze, set our hearts on fire.
    Flow, river, flow, flood the nations with love and mercy;
    Send forth your Word, Lord, and let there by light!

Very sincerely,

Paul M. Youngdahl, senior pastor

P.S. Please return your pledge cards and the postcard by Sept. 2. If you prefer, you may make your reservation by calling 612-926-7651, ext. 120. Thanks!

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