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Gifts from Heaven ... Rivers of Light (10) Stewardship dinner reservations

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  • Author: Paul M. Youngdahl is senior pastor at Mount Olivet Lutheran Church in Minneapolis.
  • Updated: 02/28/2008
  • Copyright: Mount Olivet Lutheran Church,
    5025 Knox Ave S,
    Minneapolis, MN 55419-1095

On Rally Sunday, which is the first Sunday after Labor Day, and for the three Sundays before and the two after, there is a stewardship dinner reservation form inserted in the Sunday bulletin. As the weeks pass, only remaining dates are listed.

Read below for the text of the form, which was a half-sheet of paper.

Stewardship campaign 2004

All Mount Olivet members are invited to a stewardship dinner and presentation.

If you have not made your reservation, please fill out this form indicating the date you plan to attend and place it in the offering plate.

Dinner will be served from 6 to 6:30 p.m. The program begins at approximately 6:45 p.m.

Please check the date you will attend.

(A calendar appears here.)

Come to a stewardship dinner prayerfully prepared to make your pledge to God's work at Mount Olivet in 2004.

____ Number of children ages 4 years through 2nd grade for special program

____ Number of children ages 6 weeks through 3 years needing child care

____ Total dinner reservations (including children)

Name (please print full name as listed on our records for all confirmed members attending)


State                   Zip Code             Phone

Mount Olivet Lutheran Church
5025 Knox Ave S
Minneapolis, MN 55419-1095
Fax 612-926-4340

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