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Gifts from Heaven ... Rivers of Light (7) Time and talent commitment

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  • Author: Paul M. Youngdahl is the senior pastor at Mount Olivet Lutheran Church in Minneapolis.
  • Updated: 02/28/2008
  • Copyright: Paul M. Youngdahl

The time and talent commitment piece is a four-panel, 8-1/2 x 14-inch brochure. Read below for the text of the brochure.

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Panel 1

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Mount Olivet Stewardship 2004

My Time and Talent Commitment

"Every desirable and beneficial gift comes out of heaven. The gifts are
rivers of light cascading down from the Father of Light ... He brought us to life using the true word, showing us off as the crown of all his creatures" (James 1:17-18).

Panel 2


___ Cathedral of the Pines kitchen help: Prepare and serve food, as part of an eight-person team. Time: One week during camp season is desired. Shorter camping weeks and some weekends are available.

___ Cathedral of the Pines health care professional: Provide nursing care to campers and staff. Must be RN, LPN, EMT or MD. Time: One week during camp season is desired. Shorter camping weeks and some weekends are available.


___ Chaperon: Assist with chaperoning children's events, weekend/evening hours or weekdays during the summer. Time: Based upon event and your availability.

___ August Adventure camp assistant: Assist with one or more of the summer camping programs, serving as a classroom assistant. Time: Camp schedules vary: 1-4 days, 9 a.m.-5 p.m.


Adopt-a-School Ministry: Build a partnership between Mount Olivet and
southwest Minneapolis elementary schools. Excellent training provided.

___ Burroughs Community School: Tutoring
___ Lake Harriet Community School: Tutoring and other various duties
___ Ramsey International Fine Arts School: Assist in the library. Time: Based upon your availability during regular school hours.

Panel 3


___ Inner-city ministry: Be a part of Pastor Scott's "on-call team." Assist with sorting, loading and delivering items weekday evenings. Time: Based upon your availability.

___ Crossroad Ministries: Serve the people of the Philips and Elliot Park
neighborhoods by preparing and serving meals, reading to children, children's crafts and activities. Located at Augustana Lutheran Church
downtown. Time: Weekdays and evenings.

___ Food and clothing drive: Assist in sorting, packing and delivering donated items to Community Emergency Service and Lutheran World Relief.
Time: Sunday mornings, 1-3 hours, four times a year.

___ Meals on Wheels: Deliver a hot noon meal to elderly and disabled
residents of southwest Minneapolis. Time: One hour, every six weeks.

___ Habitat For Humanity: Assist in building or renovating affordable
housing for low- or moderate-income persons. Time: During the summer months.


___ Sunday church school teacher/team teacher/assistant teacher: Teach a predetermined curriculum. Teacher training provided on a regular basis.
Time: every Sunday, September-May.

___ Sunday church school substitute teacher: Substitute in SCS classrooms; curriculum and lesson plans are provided. Time: occasional Sunday mornings.

Panel 4


___ Sunday church school music team: Lead and sing songs with Sunday school
classes. Music and training provided. Time: 2-3 times a month, September-May.

___ Library volunteer: Help maintain the library: checking in and out materials, shelve books, input new materials into computer, create displays, etc. Time: Usually two times a month, weekdays, evenings, Sundays.

___ Adult education kitchen help: Help prepare and serve Wednesday lunch
with light clean-up. Time: Two hours weekly during fall, winter and spring sessions.

___ Adult education registrars: Help register people for classes prior to
the beginning of each term. Time: Sunday mornings as available.


___ Assist with our west campus church as an usher, greeter, Sunday school
teacher, nursery assistant, participate in adult and youth choirs, service projects, phone calling and kitchen help.


___ Share fellowship, education, service to others and stewardship with a Mount Olivet circle of your choice. Time: There are various meeting times to choose from.

Panel 5


___ Mount Olivet Careview Home: Assist with a variety of activities
that enhance daily living such as escorting residents within the facility,
providing musical entertainment, program assistance, manicures, daily
refreshment cart and gift shop staffing.

___ Mount Olivet Retreat Center: Assist with trail and land management,
providing music for special activities, office support or flower planting/gardening.

___ Mount Olivet Rolling Acres: Provide support services to and for residents. Adopt-A-Home, arts and crafts, musical, clerical, yard work, maintenance, sewing, etc.  

___Mount Olivet Day Services: Assist children and adults with weekday
program activities, arts and crafts, field trips, music. Entertainers and
clerical support is also needed.  


___ Lay shepherd: Represent Mount Olivet by keeping in touch with fellow members in your neighborhood, Rally Sunday calling, Lenten material delivery.


___ Music In Motion (birth to preschool with adult)
___ Cherub Choir (preschool age)
___ Alleluia Choir (kindergarten-1st grade)
___ Hosanna Choir (2nd-3rd grade)
___ Chapel Choir (4th-6th grade)
___ Chancel Choir (7th-8th grade)
___ Cathedral Choir (9th-12th grade)
___ Senior Choir (Adults post-high school and beyond)
___ Joyful Noise! (Orff Ensemble, 4th-6th grade)

Panel 6

MUSIC (con't.)

___ Joy Bells (4th-6th grade)
___ Glory Bells (7th-8th grade)
___ Carillon Ringers (Adults post-high school and beyond)
___ Chancel Ringers (Adults post-high school and beyond)


___ Caregiver: Befriend Mount Olivet members who are homebound or in need of support. Time: Two visits each month. Training is provided.

___ Mount Olivet Link: Provide a continuing phone link between the church and homebound members. Time: Two calls a month to one or two people.

___ Prayer Fellowship: Support the work of the church and provide prayer support for congregation. Time: Weekly.


Assist in the variety of services listed below based upon your availability:
___ Calligraphy
___ Office help
___ Receptionist (church office)
___ Phone calling
___ Posters
___ Kitchen help (days or evenings)


___ Altar Guild: Responsible for cleaning, care and preparation of worship area, including communion. Time: Based upon your availability.

Panel 7

WORSHIP (con't.)

___ Nursery: Care for children while parents attend worship
services. Time: As your schedule allows.

___ Parking lot/street crossing attendant: Help those attending worship services to locate parking quickly and easily. Assist Sunday
church school children safely across James Ave. Time: Every 5th Sunday.

___ Sunday ushers: Meet and welcome people coming to worship services,
answer questions and concerns. Time: Every 4th month.

___ Funeral ushers: Help set up flower arrangements, greet and help seat
people before service. Time: Based upon your availability, 1-2 hours per service.


___ Adopt-a-Grandparent adult leader: Help junior high students and residents from Mount Olivet Home with activities and support. Time: Mondays, 6:30-7:45 p.m., September-May.

___ Circle of Friends adult leader: Work with high school youth with and without disabilities in a friendship program. Supervise activities
and encourage communication. This program is fun and rewarding. Time: Mondays, 6:30-8:30 p.m., September-May.

___ I have talents or professional expertise I can share in: __________________

Panel 8

Street address

Place of employment
Business telephone number
Home telephone number

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