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Vision, Core Values, Bedrock Beliefs

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  • Author: Atonement Lutheran Church, 1980 Silver Lake Road, New Brighton, MN 55112
    Rev. Kristen Thompson and Rev. Timothy Thompson, Pastors
  • Updated: 03/19/2008
  • Copyright: Atonement Lutheran Church
    1980 Silver Lake Road
    New Brighton, MN 55112

The following are Bedrock Beliefs, the mission statement and a one sentence definition of a disciple as defined and claimed by Atonement Lutheran Church.  


Make disciples, Grow disciples

A disciple of Jesus is one who is: Entrusting their whole life into his care and investing their whole life into his mission.

We will GO to people in need
 Not waiting for them to come
 Delivering invitations to new life in Jesus
 Delivering God's love
By sharing our blessings and using our gifts.
"We Deliver for Jesus!"

Love for Jesus, Mission, Respect, Family, Joy, and
To resist Apathy, Self-centeredness, and the Myth of Scarcity


We believe that...
God is present and active in our lives and in the world.

  • God speaks to us through prayer, each other, and creation, and in the revelation of Jesus Christ as recorded in the Bible.
  • Through the Holy Spirit, we receive guidance, hope, comfort and strength to overcome the challenges of this world.
  • God touches us through Baptism and Communion.

God is generous to all people.

  • God loves unconditionally.
  • God gives the gift of eternal life through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.
  • God forgives our sins.
  • God provides for all people.

God calls us to work.

  • God calls us to extend God's grace and to be a blessing to all people.
  • God calls us to share the good news that Jesus Christ is the savior of all.
  • God calls us to strive for justice and healing in the world.
  • God calls us to live as servants to one another.

God is faithful.

  • God promised and sent a savior.
  • Jesus promised and the Father sent the Holy Spirit.
  • God has promised never to leave us.
  • God has promised to destroy death.
  • God has promised to renew the whole creation.

Over the past two and a half years we have been discerning God's call and vision for our congregation. With great joy we responded to this call at our congregational meeting last month by affirming the vision statement.

"Taken together, our Mission, Vision, Values and Bedrock Beliefs are to serve as the central, guiding reference points for our decision-making and ministry planning."


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