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  • Updated: 12/29/2004

Parish Growth Partners is rooted in the Roman Catholic tradition.  PCP is dedicated to helping pastors and parish leaders create, build and maintain the culture and practice of stewardship.

"Very simply, PGP will help you develop and deliver forms of communications that will "inform, motivate, and invite" parishioners to participate in the mission of your parish. Specifically tailored to your parish family. Helping you reach more parishioners. More effectively. More often. And with measurable results.

"As a result, you will be able to achieve a deeper connection with your parishioners. Which in turn will inspire your parish family to higher, sustained commitments of time, talent and treasure.

"You have been called to be a spiritual guide. Let PGP give you the tools you need to call your parishioners to the joy and fulfillment of a conversion of heart and the stewardship way of life!"

--Quote from web site.

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