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Two Generous Brothers

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  • Updated: 04/08/2008

A rabbi's tale tells us how God is blessed by humility and love.

Two Generous Brothers

Two brothers began a milling business. One was married with a family and one was single.

They determined right at the beginning of the establishment of their business that they would split the excess flour 50-50, half for me, half for my brother. They agreed to it, no problem.

A little time passed and business was prosperous and things were going well and they kept their bargain and finally one day the single brother said to himself, "My brother has a wife and children. He has much more demand on his resources. It's not fair for me to have half and for him to have half. I know what I am going to do."

He didn't want to embarrass his brother so he figured out how he was going to do it. In the darkness of night, he was going to take from his extra store and shift it over into his brothers. And that's what he did.

About the same time, the married brother said, "you know what, I am just so blessed by wife and family and my poor brother over here, he is single and he doesn't have all of those blessings. It's not fair that I have as much as he does. I am going to give to him so he has an extra blessing." And he did the same exact thing as his brother. He took from the storage that he had and he started secretly at night putting it in his brother's extra.

Everyday these guys woke up and looked at their storage bins and neither one of them saw them going down. They were equal all the time.

As you may guess, the inevitable happened. One night they ran in to each other, each holding their bag of flour, and they looked at each other and embraced.

The rabbis say that God reached down and touched that spot of their love and said, "This is where I will build my temple, because it must become a place of generosity."

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