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  • Updated: 07/16/2008
  • Copyright: Affluenza is a production of KCTS/Seattle and Oregon Public Broadcasting and was made possible by a grant from The Pew Charitable Trusts.

From the Viewer's Guide:

Affluenza is a one-hour PBS special about the modern-day plague of materialism and overconsumption and the commercialization that feeds it. The program explores how the epidemic that some call "Affluenza" is straining our personal lives and families, eroding our communities and destroying the environment. It also looks at various cures for this ailment and profiles people who are finding that spending less can mean enjoying life more.

Affluenza and Escape From Affluenza (a follow up video) are available with study guides from Bullfrog Films (1-800-543-FROG). Both programs are offered at a discount to churches and church groups.

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