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The Wedding Ring

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  • Author: Unknown
  • Updated: 03/20/2008

Here's a heart-warming illustration of the theology of abundance.

The Wedding Ring

When I was a young man, my favorite great aunt Violet told me that she wanted me to know that when I was prepared to get married, she wanted me to have her diamond ring to give to my fiancचe.

I was overwhelmed. I couldn't believe that she was willing to give away something so precious to her. She and my uncle Frank was a wonderful couple, loving in every sense of the word. His death was a great tragedy for us all.

When I was prepared to become engaged to Alice, I went to Aunt Violet and asked if she did, indeed, want me to have that ring. When she gave it to me she cried ... not because she was losing something, but because she loved me so much that she knew that something that signaled her love for her husband would live on in the love I have for Alice.

She understood the theology of abundance, in which there is no ultimate quantity of love to be shared among a select few. Those who believe in a more limited quantity follow a theology of scarcity, in which we must be careful not to distribute our goods too widely; for fear that there won't be enough. My Aunt Violet understood that by giving Alice and me a piece of her love, it didn't diminish her supply of love. There was plenty to go around.

Our God loves us that much also, and gave for us something far more valuable than a diamond. In the death and resurrection of his Son, Jesus, he had given us the gift of eternal life.

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