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  • Author: Kathy Hagedorn is the Children's Ministry Team Leader of Faith Creek at St. Philip the Deacon Lutheran Church, 17205 County Road 6, Plymouth, MN 55447.
  • Updated: 06/23/2008
  • Copyright: St. Philip the Deacon News

An example of weekly ministry that let the people know their gifts of time, talent and money make a difference.  

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Your Gifts Make a Difference

Children's Ministry

"All things are possible with God." Mark 20:27

Your gifts make a difference in the life of a child every time they hear the word of God at Faith Creek (St. Philip The Deacon's church school). It is through the gifts of this congregation that we are able to build a Faith Creek program that can change as the children's' needs change.

We are now in the process of planning for the 2004-2005 school year. Some things to watch for:

-A new format for the Saturday evening Faith Creek session including an interactive style of learning.

-A new look for the classrooms for three year old children.  Equipment, supplies, toys, and learning centers will be set up for these children to learn about God and His creations.  The rooms will be bright and colorful with "hands on" experiences for the young child.

-An enhanced music program that will enrich the children's church school experience.

Transformations in the program and growth in spiritual development occur over a period of time. It is through your gifts that these changes happen. Your gifts of volunteering, prayer, and gift giving make it possible to develop a Faith Creek program that aims to make each session fun and interesting for the children.

With your support, Faith Creek continues to provide children with an exciting, Spirit-filled learning environment!

Thank you!

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