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An Outcome Based Presentation of Expenditures

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  • Author: Jerry Hoffman was an interim pastor (July 2003-October 2004) at Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd, Minneapolis, Minn.
  • Updated: 08/04/2008
  • Copyright: Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd
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The following is a breakdown of congregational expenditures.

Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd
Mission and Ministry

What is this church for?
What is the result of our work?

Witness and Service

People without a faith community join us in experiencing Christ in a grace-filled hospitable community. The needs of people outside of Good Shepherd are met through acts of service and kindness.  

On an annual basis, 37% of the total expenditures and 36% of unpaid staff (volunteers) or $201,311 is invested for this purpose. (This is an example of information that was developed for each of the areas. This includes an estimated value for the amount of time invested by volunteers, at $15/hour.  Percentages of time for staff and for use of building were included in the calculations.)  

Examples of Means:

  •  Hospitality for guests and visitors.
  •  Signs, yellow pages, articles in newspaper.
  •  New members classes -- equipping people to share their faith and invite others.  
  •  Minneapolis Area Synod and the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.
  •  Meals on Wheels, Families Moving Forward, Plymouth Youth Center.
  •  Lutheran Social Services, and many others.


    We gather in public worship to learn how to live in God's abundant grace and to go share God's love in the world.  

    Examples of Means:
  •  Preparation for and the offering of weekly and special (Advent, Christmas, Lent) worship services.
  •  Funerals, Weddings.
  •  Devotions including the choirs, bulletins, worship materials, candles,  etc.


    We learn to know Jesus and to live in God's abundant grace.  We are equipped and empowered as disciples of Jesus Christ to carry out Christ's work in our daily lives.  

    Examples of Means:  
  •  Preparation for and the carrying out of rotation Sunday school, small groups, lifelong learning, confirmation classes.
  •  Learning opportunities for all ages.
  •  Retreats.
  •  Curriculum, speakers, and other resources.


    We connect with each other and befriend each other in good times and bad, with prayers, encouragement and support.  

    Examples of Means:
  •  Communication, socializing, friendship.
  •  Pastoral care, visitation pastor.
  •  Parish nurse, health.
  •  Shared life together, connecting people.
  •  Building community, etc.

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