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Joyful Giving -- A Manual for Stewardship Development in the Congregation (Second Edition published 2001) by Thomas R. Gossen. This is a collection of some of the material members of the Episcopal Church have developed over the past two decades. If you have recently attended a stewardship conference, chances are you have heard some of this material described. The manual gives it to you in written form. This is a very practical, well-organized work. Order from Morehouse by calling 1-800-877-0012.

Companion workbooks offer step-by-step planning and organizing tips for a successful commitment program. They will help you identify which commitment program is right for your congregation this year. Order from Morehouse by calling 1-800-877-0012.

The Faithful Member Home Visitation Program describes the steps you should take to recruit, train and deploy visitors to the homes of other members of the congregation.

The Personal Note Commitment Program describes what you will need to know to use this new, creative method of gathering a group of members to write personal notes to others in the congregation as the cornerstone event for your parish stewardship commitment program.

The Festive Meal Commitment Program delineates how to enlist a large group of committed members of the parish in preparing for and hosting a festive meal and the how the festive meal can serve as the cornerstone of your commitment program.

The Cottage Meeting Commitment Program describes the way in which cottage meetings can serve as an effective commitment program. The roles are defined for each of the participants in this creative type of commitment program.

The Home to Home Commitment Program describes how a program that includes creating and routing a packet of pledge materials and parish information around small designated neighborhoods can be effective.

One Minute Stewardship Sermons by The Rev. Charles Cloughen, Jr. A collection of messages to use at the offertory each Sunday, incorporate into sermons or print in the bulletin. These "sound bytes" reflect on the many aspects of stewardship that a congregation experiences throughout the year. This is a very practical book, full of things you can use. Order from Morehouse by calling 1-800-877-0012

Barnabas: A Model for Holistic Stewardship by the Rev. C. K. Robertson, Ph.D. The life of Barnabas provides a model for all of us: give generously, welcome graciously, seek out other workers, seek God's direction, take a supporting role, challenge the status quo, and err on the side of mercy. This study/reflection helps us understand how these principals can be applied to our lives. Bookmarks as well as the individual study guides are available from TENS 1-800-699-2669. This conveniently-sized resource (3-3/4" x 8-1/2") can be easily mailed to all parish households in standard #10 envelopes. Call to request a sample copy of the materials and download the Leaders Guide from

From Scarcity to Abundance by the Rev. Mark Beckwith. An outstanding resource for teaching stewardship in your annual pledge drive for the entire congregation -- or for assistance in bringing new vestry or stewardship team members on board with a sound theology of Christian Stewardship! Utilizing the insight gained by over twenty years as a parish priest, Mark Beckwith gives a reflection on the miracle of Jesus' feeding of the five thousand. The author gives us a gift of deeper understanding of the relationship between scarcity and abundance, and of the realization that abundance truly opens us up to mystery and freedom. This conveniently-sized resource (3-3/4" x 8-1/2") can be easily mailed to all parish households in standard #10 envelopes. To order contact TENS 1-800-699-2669. Sample copy is available at no charge. $1.50 each, discounted in quantities.

Stewardship: The Challenge of the Prodigal Son by the Rev. Mark Beckwith. A twelve-page booklet produced in a user-friendly, easy-to-mail format, this booklet lends itself well as a tract, take-home handout for conference or workshop participants, or an enclosure as a gift for a parish mailing. It is also a matchless resource for an adult church school class, forum or study group, or for the foundation of Stewardship Leadership Team formation or training. The author uses Jesus' well-known parable to illustrate the stewardship journey as a path that leads from lust to compassion. As Beckwith describes the familiar characters of the father and his two sons, we cannot help but connect their story to the reality of our own lives as stewards. This conveniently-sized resource (3-3/4" x 8-1/2") can be easily mailed to all parish households in standard #10 envelopes. To order contact TENS 1-800-699-2669. Sample copy is available at no charge. $1.50 each, discounted in quantities.

A Time for Vision: A Stewardship Handbook for Vestries by the Rev. Robert H. Bonner and the Rev. Stuart Schadt. This book will help vestry members realize stewardship is not something they can merely delegate to the parish stewardship committee. Out of print -- undergoing update (Episcopal Parish Services 1-800-903-5544).

A Treasure Chest of Stewardship Resources. A collection of parish resources which includes preaching suggestions, bulletin inserts, adult forum suggestions, bible study outlines, educational ideas for young people, a discussion of various financial commitment programs, even sample letters. Available from The TENS Website free as a benefit of a sustaining membership (or greater) call: 1-800-699-2669.

On The Road Again: Managing Evangelism and Stewardship for the Kingdom by Keith B. Brown. (Church Publishing, N.Y. 1-800-242-1918

First Fruits -- A Worship Anthology on Generosity and Giving compiled by Adrian Mann, Robin Stevens and John Willimington (The Cantebury Press Norwich). This excellent resource comes complete with diskette for easy application. To order call Morehouse at 1-800-877-0012.

Generous People: How to Encourage Vital Stewardship by Eugene Grimm, edited by Herb Miller (Abingdon Press).

Learning for Life: A Handbook of Adult Religious Education by Yvonne Craig. Published by Mowbray -- distributed by Morehouse. Call 1-800-877-0012 for info.

Abingdon Guide to Funding Ministry: An Innovative Sourcebook for Pastors and Lay Leaders (Abingdon Press). Volumes 1-3 now available on CD ROM.

For other curriculum resources, tracts, etc. visit the on-line stewardship resources available from Episcopal Parish Services at


Grateful and Generous Hearts by the Rev. Dr. John H. Westerhoff. If you're looking for an outstanding resource to begin using with your newly formed Stewardship Ministry Team, this is the one! Order from or call 1-800-877-0012.

A Christian View of Money -- Celebrating God's Generosity by Mark Vincent (Herald Press).

The Steward: A Biblical Symbol Come of Age (revised) by Douglas Hall (Eerdmans, Friendship Press, 1990). In this extensive revision of the much-in-demand first edition of The Steward (1982), Douglas Hall recaptures the most basic meaning of the biblical metaphor of steward and applies that meaning to our social context, one in which human beings are confused and ambivalent about their place and vocation in a threatened world. Out of print: order from --
Ecumenical Stewardship Center
1100 West 42nd Street, Suite 255
Indianapolis, IN 46208-3383
Telephone: 800-835-5671 - Fax: 317-926-3521

The Stewardship of Life in the Kingdom of Death by Douglas Hall (Eerdmans, 1988). Is the Christian message one that enhances life, heals creation, and brings into being justice and the love of God? In this groundbreaking book, Hall clearly states the mission of the church in our time. Because the life of creation itself is entrusted to our stewardship, to be a steward in the world today is a more critical task than at any time in the church's past.  Out of print: order from --
Ecumenical Stewardship Center
1100 West 42nd Street, Suite 255
Indianapolis, IN 46208-3383
Telephone: 800-835-5671 - Fax: 317-926-3521

Stewardship & the Economy of God by John Reumann (Eerdmans, 1992). Reumann offers a broad and encompassing look at the meaning of stewardship, or more specifically, oikonomia. By 1970 the word "stewardship" was thought to have had its day. Now, it is being rediscovered by the church and by society in general.  Out of print: order from --
Ecumenical Stewardship Center
1100 West 42nd Street, Suite 255
Indianapolis, IN 46208-3383
Telephone: 800-835-5671 - Fax: 317-926-3521

Let the Rivers Run by Eugene F. Roop (Eerdmans, 1991). Roop raises important issues in stewardship from a solidly biblical base. Taking stories from the Bible that we may have heard many times before, he uses them as lenses to help us see new dimensions of Christian stewardship. This process is facilitated by a set of questions for study and reflection and by the excellent bibliography. Out of print: order from --
Ecumenical Stewardship Center
1100 West 42nd Street, Suite 255
Indianapolis, IN 46208-3383
Telephone: 800-835-5671 - Fax: 317-926-3521

Wealth as Peril and Obligation -- The New Testament on Possessions by Sondra Ely Wheeler, Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Co. (May 1996). ASIN: 080280733X. Do you ever sit in church just before the collection plate is passed and listen to the minister try to tell you why to give? Often, a brief piece of scripture is quoted telling you how much God loves cheerful givers. You will be anything but cheerful after reading this thorough account of what the Bible actually says about wealth and possessions. This book is for people who really want to wrestle with what it means to be Christian. Read this book and you will give up the idea entirely, or you will be haunted by its inescapable truth for the rest of your life.

The Steward Living in Covenant -- A New Perspective on Old Testament Stories by Ronald E. Vallet, Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Co. This is the sixth book in the Faith's Horizons series edited by Dr. Vallet. It is a companion to the earlier popular study Stepping Stones of the Steward. This resource combines powerful story telling with creative dramas and choral readings to enliven worship and Christian education. Each chapter includes questions for reflection and suggestions for action. "The reader will discover in the chapters of this book a treatment of biblical stories that provides rich material for preaching and teaching in the life of the church. The result ... should be a new sense of being part of a great cloud of witnesses, stewards living in covenant with God and neighbor," says Bruce C. Birch, Dean and Professor of Old Testament, Wesley Theological Seminary (2001). Available from the Ecumenical Stewardship Center. Call 1-800-835-5671 or e-mail Cost is $15.95 plus shipping and handling, 250 pages.

Stepping Stones of the Steward by Ronald E. Vallet (Eerdmans, 1989). Through the metaphor of a faith journey and using parables of Jesus and other stories, Vallet explores dimensions of Christian stewardship. The steward's journey described in the book encompasses 14 stepping stones. Questions and suggestions for individual reflection and action at the end of each chapter and two study guides for small groups make the book usable in a variety of situations. Out of print: order from --
Ecumenical Stewardship Center
1100 West 42nd Street, Suite 255
Indianapolis, IN 46208-3383
Telephone: 800-835-5671 - Fax: 317-926-3521

How Much is Enough? Harness the Power of Your Money Story -- And Change Your Life by Pamela York Klainer. Whether we are middle managers or the CEO's of our own start-ups, senior executives with stock options or the keepers of modest 401(K) accounts, our relationship to money and work defines our daily lives. Yet, most of us don't really have an honest handle on what we want from work, what we expect from money, or how the time we devote to making money relates to the rest of our lives. In How Much is Enough? the consultant dubbed the "money shrink" by Money magazine gives us tools for improving what is often our most troubled relationship: money. "We may know that money can't buy us love, or happiness, yet many of us still can't give up the relentless -- and sometimes destructive -- chase. In How Much is Enough? Pam Klainer provides us with the tools for unraveling our often complicated relationships with money so that we can move ahead, unfettered, to achieve our most important dreams," says Carrie Schwab Pomerantz, Vice-President, Consumer Education, Charles Schwab & Co., Inc. ISBN 0-465-03748-8, $26.00 (US)/$39.50 (CN)

The Price of Faith: Exploring Our Choices About Money and Wealth by Marie T. Cross (2002). Marie Cross speaks to the silence surrounding money in light of faith. It joins daily decisions to congregational worship and Christian mission. One area of particular interest is the attention to the theology and practice surrounding the offering plate. "Ten session plans that deal with personal finances, church funds, charity, and attitudes about money are included to help adults gain a new understanding of stewardship." A great resource for an adult Christian education class or stewardship committee. Available from the Ecumenical Stewardship Center. Call 1-800-835-5671 or e-mail Cost is $10.95 plus shipping and handling.

Graceful Living: Your Faith, Values and Money in Changing Times by the Rev. Laura Dunham (2001). Graceful Living helps readers reflect on their attitudes toward money, clarify their values, and develop a comprehensive financial plan with strategies for implementation. Commissioned by the Ecumenical Stewardship Center. Available from the Ecumenical Stewardship Center. Call 1-800-835-5671 or e-mail Cost is $14.95 plus shipping and handling, 170 pp.

Afire with God: A Spirit-ed Stewardship for a New Century by Betsy Schwarzentraub. Schwarzentraub calls congregations to see themselves as communities of stewards, called to a dynamic, spirit-ed stewardship of the gospel that overturns institution-oriented fundraising methods and assumptions. Designed for clergy, lay leaders, groups concerned with stewardship, church councils, administrative boards/councils, nominations and personnel committees, and conference and district offices, Afire with God helps church leaders apply the biblical foundation for stewardship in their personal lives as well as in the life of the congregation. "Afire with God is written in a manner that is easy to read and the ideas easy to grasp for stewardship 'scholars' at all levels. Seldom do we see a resource that will truly profit both pastors and lay stewardship and finance committees. This book will help leadership teams come to a practical as well as a theological understanding of stewardship and then employ the material for the benefit of their congregations," says Rev. Rick Moore, Baptist Convention of Ontario and Quebec. ISBN 0-88177-273-9, $13.95

Growing Givers' Hearts -- Treating Fundrasing as Ministry by Thomas H. Jeavons and Rebekah Burch Basinger; Jossey-Bass Publishers.

On the Pilgrim's Way: Christian Stewardship and the Tithe by the Rev. John K. Brackett. This book has a good, easy-to-read discussion of stewardship and tithing. Order from Morehouse at 1-800-877-0012.

Contract or Covenant by Brother Robert Hugh, a friar of the Society of St. Francis, to a stewardship conference. Explores our fundamental approach to life -- anxious and defensive or trusting and grateful. Relates to the theme of stewardship as contract or covenant. Contact Episcopal Parish Services at 1-800-903-5544.

Creating Congregations of Generous People: Money, Faith and Lifestyle Series by Michael Durall (Alban Institute). A very helpful book that assumes the church is in the conversion business, one of creating generous people. Those of us who know that we are created in the image of God, know that is what we were created to be. Call 1-800-486-1318 or visit

At Ease Discussing Money and Values in Small Groups, by John and Sylvia Ronsvalle with U. Milo Kaufmann (Alban Institute). A very helpful book that may give you some excellent ideas about ways in which to facilitate discussions with others about money and values. Call 1-800-486-1318 or visit

Generous Saints: Congregations Rethinking Ethics and Money by James Hudnet-Beumler (Alban Institute). Call 1-800-486-1318 or visit

More than Money: Portraits of Transformative Stewardship: Money, Faith and Lifestyle Series by Patrick H. McNamara (Alban Institute). This book tells the stories of several congregations that have made stewardship a priority. Call 1-800-486-1318 or visit

Plain Talk about Churches and Money, by Dean Hoge, Patrick McNamara, and Charles Zech (Alban Institute). Call 1-800-486-1318 or visit

A Workbook on Biblical Stewardship by Richard E. Rusbult (Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Co., Grand Rapids, Michigan). Out of print -- shop for used copies.

The Challenge of the Disciplined Life -- Money, Sex and Power by Richard Foster (Harper Collins).

God the Economist, The Doctrine of God and Political Economy by M. Douglas Meeks (Fortress Press, Minneapolis). Although Meeks is a Methodist, he understands the Eucharist as well as any Episcopalian. Although academic in tone, it is well worth reading.

Behind the Stained Glass Windows by John and Sylvia Ronsvalle (Baker Books, Grand Rapids, Mich.). This book contains an analysis of giving behavior. Now out of print -- shop for used copies.


Amos and Boris by William Steig. This is about giving to strangers through the experience of a mouse and a whale.

Beatrice's Goat by Page McBrier recounts the true story of a young girl in Africa given the gift of a goat and how the gift extends.

The Give-Away by Ray Buckley is a story of Christmas in the Native American tradition.

The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein reflects the joy of continual giving.

Miss Fannie's Hat by Jan Karon tells the story of an older woman who gives up one of her many precious hats to help raise money for the church.

Miss Rumphius, story and pictures by Barbara Cooney. Doing something to make the world more beautiful was taught to Miss Rumphius by her grandfather. She passed this on to the children around her.

Stone Soup by Marcia Brown. A classic based on an old French tale telling how the soldiers helped the villagers create a feast out of what they thought was nothing.

Teaching Kids to Care & Share by Jolene Roehlkepartain. Filled with more than 300 ideas and activities to involve children in service to one another.

Teens with the Courage to Give by Jackie Waldman. Describes 30 young people who have helped others and helped themselves.

Don't Sit on Your Stuff -- A Bible Study for Youth. Mennonite Media video featuring Ted & Lee, Tangled Blue and a youth group. In twenty-one minutes the viewer is escorted through a three-part unique approach to Bible study. "Ted and Lee" explore the parable of the master and three servants with a brief skit titled "Don't Sit on Your Stuff." A second feature includes a performance of the song Gift of Grace by singer/musicians Tangled Blue. In the last segment a Cloverdale, Va., youth group shares what happens when giving means reaching out to a member of the group who has cancer. A study guide is included. Available by contacting Mennonite Media or contacting Third Way at Cafच


The Spiritual Journey Owner's Manual Series: Award winning videos produced by The Episcopal Network for Stewardship in association with The Friends of the Groom, a professional Christian theater company, and Conover Production Services. Each videotape is $19.95+S/H. Order from Morehouse at 1-800-877-0012.

The Lord's Prayer: Discover the Secrets of the World's Best-Known Prayer. This professionally produced 10-minute video shows how Linda, a typical casual church-goer, learns to slow down and begin to apply the words of The Lord's Prayer to her life. Guided by the voice of God, the two take part in a give-and-take conversation in which Linda discovers what God wants from her. At the end of their talk, she begins to take the first few tentative steps toward the life she is meant to have ... with God's assurance that He will be with her every step of the way. For all ages, but especially meaningful for adults 25-65. A study guide that is designed for use in groups or for one's individual spiritual journey comes with the videotape.

Loose Connections: Tighten up Your Connections with God. In this production, Jocelyn's hectic schedule is cut short by a long, impatient wait at an auto repair shop. She strikes up a conversation with a man named Jesus, whom she assumes works at the shop. They discuss Jocelyn's feelings about going to church -- that there are too many expectations of her and a lot of guilt for not tithing -- so she attends less and less. Jesus tells Jocelyn that when her son, Frank, prays for her, he merely asks that she know she is really loved. When she realizes the power of that simple prayer, Jocelyn knows that her heart is ready to lead her back to church. Discussion/study guide included. An essential tool for stewardship education for both adults and youth.

"Why is it Always About Money?" A presentation by the Rt. Rev. William G. Burrill at the Stewardship Conference in Rochester, N.Y. in April 1999. Are you curious about why the stewardship conversation always seems to focus on money? Then get this resource that is ideal for parish and diocesan leadership teams to view over one or more sessions while reflecting on the theology and practice of Christian stewardship. $24.95+S/H. Order from The Episcopal Network for Stewardship at 1-800-699-2669.

"Learning the Joy of Offering," Festive Meal keynote address at International Stewardship Conference, Rochester, N.Y., April 1999, by the Rt. Rev. William G. Burrill. This approximate 20 minute address offers an inspirational message on the importance of learning to be a joyful giver. $14.95+S/H. Order from The Episcopal Network for Stewardship at 1-800-699-2669.

"Moving From Scarcity to Abundance," keynote address at Diocese of Kansas Annual Bishop's Conference on Stewardship, March 2000, by the Rt. Rev. Catherine Waynick. Thought-provoking presentation on the principles and practice of Christian stewardship. Ideal for viewing and discussion sessions by parish and diocesan leadership teams. Available September, 2000. $24.95+S/H. Order from The Episcopal Network for Stewardship at 1-800-699-2669.

Stewardship as Choice. A nine-minute video focused on the choices we make about God and money. Designed as a homily or as a discussion starter for small groups. Presented by Terry Parsons, stewardship officer for the Episcopal Church. (Cat# 52-9810-1 Episcopal Parish Services 1-800-903-5544).

Economics and the Bread of Life. A two-video set of a May 1999 conference presentation by Walter Brueggemann.

Stewardship for the New Millennium. 1996 conference keynote addresses and Sunday sermon -- a total of four presentations by the Rev. Dr. George R. Regas. Hear these inspirational stories from Dr. Regas: (1) What it means to be a steward; (2) The sparrow and the cross -- the preciousness of one human being and the cost of commitment; (3)The story of All Saints, Pasadena -- $175,000 in annual giving to $3.5 million; and, (4) The Bible, the newspaper and the streets of the world -- stewardship in the twenty-first century. Set of two videos: $74.95+S/H, set of four audio cassettes: $24.95+S/H. Order from The Episcopal Network for Stewardship at 1-800-699-2669.

Stewardship as Liberated Discipleship: Daring to Dream the Dream of God. 1997 conference addresses and Sunday sermon -- a total of four presentations by the Rt. Rev. Michael Curry. Ideal for parish and diocesan leadership teams to view over a period of several sessions while reflecting on the theology and practice of Christian stewardship. A powerful "retreat in a box." Set of two video cassettes: $74.95+S/H, set of four audio cassettes: $24.95+S/H. Order from The Episcopal Network for Stewardship at 1-800-699-2669.

A Life of Stewardship. A video tape (with study guide) in which the Rt. Rev William G. Burrill offers a theology of stewardship and suggests ways we can grow into the people God has created us to be. (Cat# 52-8727 Episcopal Parish Services 1-800-903-5544)

Marked as Christ's Own. A second video tape (again with a study guide) in which Bishop Burrill reminds us that living into our baptismal promises makes us more loving, thankful stewards. (Cat# 52-9013 Episcopal Parish Services 1-800-903-5544)

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