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Leap of Faith: Pastor Skydives to Celebrate Stewardship Goal

Happening  Happening
  • Author: Rob Blezard
  • Updated: 07/21/2008
  • Copyright: Rob Blezard

Some pastors will pull any stunt to help the stewardship campaign, but Roger Timm of St. James Lutheran Church, Naperville, Ill., takes this to a new height.

Timm parachuted out of an airplane from 2 miles up. And -- except for a broken ankle -- he says it was a pretty good experience.

It started last fall when St. James' stewardship committee was looking for a fresh gimmick for the annual campaign. Chairman Bruce Limbach, a commercial pilot who has sky dived a few times, suggested the pastor jump out of a plane if the congregation met its goal for increased giving. The theme? "Take a leap of faith."

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