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God Calls Us to Adventure

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  • Updated: 02/19/2008

Adult birds know that what birds do best is fly. To get their babies to fly, the adult pushes them out of the nest.

God knows that giving ourselves to God's work, God's kingdom and to others is what we do best.

When an adult bird knows it's time for its babies to fly, it starts to push. Now if the chick doesn't get it, the adult bird starts to peck at the talons or feet of the baby. And it gets to a point where it becomes more painful for the little bird to hold on than to let go. You see, the adult bird knows there is no danger in making the baby bird do what it was designed to do. Birds have feet and can walk, and birds have talons and can cling, but walking and clinging was not what they were designed to do. And the mother bird knows that it is no big deal to force its babies to do what they were designed to do, which is fly. Flying is what birds do best.

God knows that giving ourselves to God's work and kingdom and to others is what we do best. That's the design of the universe. And some of us look pathetic clinging to the dead branch of this world -- the dead branch of bank accounts and of things -- clinging to a nest of selfishness.

We don't think we can risk because we have never let go. God is calling you today to let go.

And when we do, we will be amazed at the experience. We will soar. We will soar in God's grace.

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