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  • Author: Anne E. Basye
    Basye, a writer and editor, is a member of Unity Lutheran Church, Chicago.
  • Updated: 07/25/2008
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Congregations slash their utility bills and contribute to a cleaner planet.

Simply by changing light bulbs, congregations nationwide are saving hundreds of dollars in electric bills -- and keeping tons of carbon dioxide out of the earth's atmosphere. It's this win-win proposition that fuels the ELCA Energy Stewardship program, which provides information, grants and loans so congregations can switch to energy-saving bulbs.

"We cut our electricity usage about 30 percent," says Jim Schwab, who worked on the project when his congregation, Augustana, Chicago, became the first ELCA church to make the investment in 1992. Savings of $100 a month paid back the $3,000 cost in less than three years, freeing thousands of dollars for church projects.

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