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In a recent newsletter I wrote that I "would like to learn  from others whose fiscal year is other than the calendar year.  What are the benefits?  What are the disadvantages?  What do you recommend a congregation do to implement such a change?"

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--Jerry Hoffman

John Clasen writes:

I would appreciate hearing additional responses to the fiscal year change idea, mentioned in your recent mailing.  We have talked about it here. All the program people would like to change and get everything on a rhythm with programatic planning (stewardship, education, report-writing). The financial people all went "Arrgghh!" They felt it couldn't be done, even though they could not explain why it couldn't. ("We'll have to talk to the synod.")  

Doing Annual Meetings mid-winter never made much sense - writing & reading reports on programs & activities long done & forgotten because we're so well into a new year. The Annual meeting is now in the fall, but to keep financial folks happy there is an additional meeting in February -just for financial stuff.

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