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Should We Switch Our Fiscal Year?” Response Letter

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  • Author: Paul Ziese
  • Updated: 06/17/2008
  • Copyright: Paul Ziese

In a recent newsletter I wrote that I "would like to learn  from others whose fiscal year is other than the calendar year.  What are the benefits?  What are the disadvantages?  What do you recommend a congregation do to implement such a change?"

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--Jerry Hoffman

Paul Ziese Writes:

The church I serve, MacArthur Park Lutheran in San Antonio has a September-August fiscal year because of our pre-school.  The arrangement works well and we are making our council terms also fit the fiscal year.  

Stewardship drives between April 15 and Mother's Day work for us since people feel more assured of their finances after tax day than before.

I would be willing to communicate with others contemplating such a move.

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