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"Should We Switch Our Fiscal Year?” Response Letter

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  • Author: Tom Miller
  • Updated: 06/17/2008
  • Copyright: Tom Miller

In a recent newsletter I wrote that I "would like to learn from others whose fiscal year is other than the calendar year.  What are the benefits?  What are the disadvantages?  What do you recommend a congregation do to implement such a change?"

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--Jerry Hoffman

Tom Miller Writes:

Holy Trinity uses a July-June fiscal year.  

I'm in my second year here, and don't know the history, but now feel compelled to ask.  They seem to flow with it pretty well.  

I like the fact that the large gifts we get at the end of the calendar year (for tax purposes, etc.) come in the middle of our fiscal year not at the end, though it's hard to make a big push to end the fiscal year strong when it coincides with the start of summer.  

We've done an early spring stewardship campaign the last 2 years.  We've had an excellent response. They didn't do one here for a number of years before that.  

I suppose one reason the fiscal model works well for us is the high number of federal workers in our congregation - just outside of Washington and near Fort Meade and the National Security Administration.

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