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Investing in Your Future and the Future of the Church

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Investment opportunities through the ELCA

Investing in Your Future and the Future of the Church

Throughout the United States, the Word of God is being proclaimed in Lutheran congregations that have been built, renovated or expanded with loans from the ELCA Mission Investment Fund (MIF).  

Investments in the Fund by ELCA congregations and their members are loaned to mission congregations for purchases of land and construction of initial church buildings and to established ELCA congregations for capital projects such as renovations, expansion, relocations and purchases of land.  Over 600 loans are currently at work throughout the United States, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands

The MIF offers these investments to members of ELCA congregations:

# MissionPlus, with checkbook availability visa debit card and online-bill-pay, provides congregations and individuals with access to their investments when unexpected expenses arise. Investors may add to or redeem funds from their investments at any time.

# MissionFirst, a savings investment plan that can help adults save for the future.

# Adjustable  and fixed rate MissionTermSelect investments (Certificates of Deposit) provide an effective way for congregations and ELCA members to use their financial resources to help the church grow.  Individuals may also hold MissionTermSelect investments as Traditional or Roth IRAs or Coverdell Education Savings Accounts.

# With a MissionFuture4KIDZ investment, parents and grandparents may make additions at any time to celebrate important events in the life of a child such as birth, baptism, Christmas or graduations. These investments may be opened for children from birth to 16 years of age.

For current interest rates and additional information about Mission Investment Fund offerings, contact Pastor Daniel Carlson, MIF area representative, at 651/659-0454, ext. 223, or at

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