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Give: Living Faith in Daily Life (A small group Bible Study on Giving)

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  • Author: Michael Meier, Coordinator for Mission Support for the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America
  • Updated: 06/24/2008
  • Copyright: Copyright ښ 2004 Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, (ELCA), 8765 W. Higgins Road, Chicago, IL 60631.800/638-3522. Permission is granted to photocopy this resource provided copies are for local use only and each copy carries all copyright acknowledgments found in the publication.


Session 1:  Starts With Receiving

Session 2:  Not Counting the Cost

Session 3:  The Great Struggle Between Generosity and Greed

Session 4:  The Spiritual Power of Generosity

This study will work best in a small group of five to 12 people. Such a group can focus on the Scripture texts and on sharing their own personal experiences. While the content of these sessions is important, the proڸcess of telling one's own "giving stories" and encouragڸing one another is at least as important.

Give: Living Faith in Daily Life

Giving is a mark of discipleship. It is one of the seven faith practices highlighted in the ELCA Call to Discipleship. Giving is part of daily life.

In this study we will search out biblical understandings of giving by exploring stories of givers and their gifts.We will ask what acts of giving mean to the givers, the recipients, and the whole human community.
Givers soon recognize that giving really flows from receiving.

In the first session of this study we will explore the giving/receiving dynamic.

In the second session we will highlight givers who do not count the cost of giving.We will speak of behaviors that go beyond calculation. Giving is not always easy. Our human need for control sometimes limits or distorts our giving practices.

In the third session we'll examine some common stumbling blocks to giving.
Just as faithfulness is good in and of itself, so is generosity.

In the final session we'll explore the spiritual power of generosity.

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