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  • Updated: 04/08/2008

A Story About Commitment


The America's Cup is the most prestigious sailing trophy in the world.  It's called the America's Cup because for 138 years, it was won by teams from the United States. Then in 1983, the Australians stunned the world by winning the cup.

Dennis Conner was captain of the American yacht that lost that year.  But four years later, he and his crew aboard the Stars & Stripes brought the America's cup back to the U.S.  To do that Conner had to overcome incredible odds, including the perception that he was the man who had lost the America's Cup in the first place.

At the core of Conner's achievement was what he calls "the commitment to the commitment," the dedication to his goal that allowed him to focus all his energies on building the kind of boat and assembling the kind of crew that could win.  "Once you make the commitment...," Conner says, "you become focused on one act.  

There is a new Main Event in center ring, and all the other 'acts' in your life have to take place somewhere else.

To what are you committed?  What's the Main Event in your life?  You spend your money on the things to which you are committed.  God wants you to make a commitment to the Kingdom of God through this church.  It's a worthy investment.  God wants your heart here, and when your heart is here, your treasure will be here also.

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