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  • Author: Dr. Eugene Grimm, Stewardship Specialist for the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America f, serving Northeastern Ohio Synod, the Northwestern Ohio Synod and the Southern Ohio Synod
  • Updated: 02/17/2006

Welcome to The Stewardship  Connection, the stewardship website of Dr. Eugene Grimm, Stewardship Specialist for the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America


Generous People.  A brief look at the subject material of my book.  Generous People is a part of Herb Miller's Effective Church Series and was published by Abingdon Press.

Archives from our Stewardship Connection newsletter.  This archive contains links to past and current articles.

Articles by Colleagues.  Articles of interest by other stewardship professionals.  Many of my stewardship colleagues from different church affiliations have written wonderful articles.  We'll gladly share more as they become available.

Capital Campaigns.  Are you planning a capital campaign?  This page includes a number of fundraising organizations.  I recommend that if you're planning a building program that you contact me. I often visit with congregational leaders to "talk through" some of elements of a capital campaign.  When to do this?  As soon as you begin considering the possibility of a building program.

Congregational Mission Endowment Funds.  Should you have one?  The answer is "Yes!"  How do you go about setting one up?  How do you promote it in the congregation?  What to see an  example of one of the best I've ever seen?

Environmental Stewardship -- Some of what passes today as "environmental stewardship" is neither-- environmentally sound or good stewardship. The purpose of this site is resource, education and food for thought.  If you see a different view from your own, consider it, evaluate it and accept or reject. Since there is so much written on the environment that is called stewardship, I want to offer some provocative thoughts that don't come from the usual mold.  Read the articles from the link, and make your own decision based on science.  You always get the last word.   But PLEASE!  Just consider.

Fall Consultation Models.  In the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, Synods are charged by the Church's constitution to provide some means of consulting with  congregations annually regarding their mission support for Synodical and Churchwide ministries.  Staff colleagues share some of their methods.

Pastors. What about the pastor's role in stewardship.  I've written some  about this in my book Generous People, but there's much more to be said.  Included here are some tools that may be of use to pastors in particular.  Lay members are welcome to look too, of course.

Preaching. This link is still under construction.  Got one to share?  E-mail it to me at While  I expect of have a number of stewardship sermons, for preaching from the pericopes, I suggest you click here for sermon helps on the ELCA Stewardship site.

Programs.  Here find a list of a number of excellent stewardship program resources.  This also include my Year-round Stewardship Manual.  Last and by no means least, is a description of Herb Miller's wonderful Consecration Sunday Stewardship Program.  Links can be found to Guest Leaders for our Ohio Synods.

Stewardship Adventures: Increasing the Harvest 15 to 30 Percent.  A look at the content of my Net Results Seminar.

Stewardship Bibliography.  There are many fine stewardship books available today.  For a few of my favorites, check these out.  See something that's missing.  Please E-mail me at

Tithing.  What's a stewardship website without information on tithing?  While this section is still under development, we'd also suggest that you check out The Tithing Foundation.  

To the Castle is a new stewardship  musical developed by the ELCA's Division for Congregational Ministries and written by Jay Beech.  This is a must, not only for youth stewardship,  but as a teaching tool for the whole church.

Upcoming Stewardship Events.  There are far more stewardship events than I can hope to cover here, but I'll try to include a few of good ones with links to their appropriate sponsoring  denominations, sites or contact persons.

Links to  other stewardship and church related sites.

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