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Living on Purpose - Fully Devoted - 40 Days of Lent

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  • Author: Cheryl Mathison is the Teaching Pastor at St. Philip the Deacon Lutheran Church.
  • Updated: 05/24/2006
  • Copyright: Cheryl Mathison, St. Philip the Deacon Lutheran Church, 17205 County Road 6, Plymouth, MN  55447 - 763-475-7128

This article informs and invites the congregation to continue or join a  focus on "Living on Purpose" during the season of Lent.

Living on Purpose - Fully Devoted  - 40 Days of Lent

The season of Lent spans 40 weekdays  beginning on Ash Wednesday, March 1, continuing during Holy Week with the day of Passion, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and concluding on the Saturday before Easter with The First Light.  (The number 40 is connected with many biblical events, but especially with the forty days Jesus spent in the wilderness preparing for His ministry by facing the temptations that could lead him to abandon his mission and calling).

As Christians we use this period of time for introspection, self examination, and repentance.  Our observation of this important season at St. Philip includes midweek worship, Bible Study and opportunities for Christian fellowship.  The schedule below will serve as your guide and can be cut out and posted on your refrigerator for easy reference.

Testimonies of Purposeful Living
We are so pleased that our midweek worship this year features members of the St. Philip community who will speak about their life in light of purposeful living.  Some will speak candidly of their personal faith mission statement and how it has informed their lives; while others will speak of significant experiences and how those have transformed their lives.  

Alongside midweek worship, you are invited to participate in the Fully Devoted Bible Study offered Mondays at 11 am and repeated Wednesdays after worship.  This study will get at the heart of what it means to be a fully devoted follower of Jesus.  Participants will read and study the scriptures through personal study and classroom interaction.  

Noontime meals will be offered twice during this season; once after Ash Wednesday worship and the other following the Maundy Thursday worship.

Holy Week begins with the traditional reading of the Passion of Jesus.  We will use a narrative reading which engages the whole congregation.  Men and women, young and old, we all play a part.

Maundy Thursday introduces the Triduum (Latin for the Three Days). The Triduum begins on Maundy Thursday with the stripping of the altar and continues as one liturgy through the solemn Good Friday liturgy and the quiet of the Easter Vigil or the First Light.  Worshippers will notice that there is no benediction until Saturday's worship tying all three services together.  You are encouraged to mark this important time by attending all three services.

We come out of the time of self-examination and repentance and bathe in the light of the festival of Easter Sunday celebrating the good news of life and light; promise and hope.

May Almighty God bless your journey.

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